This is SEntrepreneur aka Swapnil. I am aspiring Digital Marketer. My agency name is “Shennon Visibility Online“, based in kolhapur.

Why did I choose digital marketing is simple. It is simple yet complicated. It is facinating yet challenging. There is lot of competition out there so comes many who are ready to give 100% to the to be competitor. This is the beauty of this world. Digital Marketing sounds like one subject but 1000 things to learn. It is very easy to survive in this digital marketing competition but it is very difficult to stand out. Somebody somewhere said,’Never Aim For Perfection’ and it is true but again in this field you have to be perfect. You have clients look up to you for best digital marketing solution with perfect score. Learning is a never ending process especially when it comes to digital marketing. I just hope with you guys with me, I can not just survive this brutal but beautiful, cut throat but gentle world of digital marketers but start climbing stairs to top. You see in this world Likes, Shares and ever encouraging comments are the food, Oxygen & water of this world. Hope to receive lot of them from you. Subscribe to my blog without fail for lot of interesting things coming up. Have a great life!”


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